Dr. Caleb Frank

About Dr. Caleb Frank of Docere Life Center in Wichita, Kansas

Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Chiropractor

In 2013, I graduated from chiropractic college with a desire to help people have better lives through the pursuit of better health and wellness. This desire stemmed from the core of my being and gave my life a great sense of meaning and purpose. So, I set out to make a difference in the world one patient at a time. For many years I pursued that purpose and I experienced many ups and downs in the process. I loved the sense of satisfaction and fulfilled purpose I felt when helping my patients. I celebrated with them as they found more freedom and joy in their life as the treatments helped them achieve greater states of wellness. However, over time I began feeling less fulfilled because many of my patients had other health issues that kept them from being as well as they wanted. What was worse for me was that I couldn’t help them overcome these issues using traditional chiropractic treatments. This led me to broaden my perspective on what true wellness is in regards to the whole body and to examine other ways to help my patients achieve it.

Several years ago, my understanding of wellness was challenged even further and became a much more personal goal in my own life. As with many things in life, I gained a greater awareness of wellness by having a greater lack of it in my life. This lack began during a five-month period of constant, high levels of stress. This was easily the most stressful time I had experienced throughout my life so far. When that time had passed, I thought I would be able to rest and recover and be right back to how I was before that experience though it didn’t take long to realize that something had changed. Even after a few months, I noticed that I was really struggling with my energy and was having a much harder time keeping my brain focused on the task at hand. Headaches became more frequent as well and my brain fog continued to worsen. I also started having more pain and issues in my digestive system and had to visit the bathroom more frequently and for longer periods of time. I had to learn to avoid many types of food in order to decrease symptoms and maintain a slightly more manageable and less painful state. Attempts to exercise or strength train would drain me of energy and take days longer to recover than usual. Eventually, I got to a point where I stopped altogether. It was a dark and difficult time in my life full of frustration, pain, and confusion. This continued to persist and worsen over time until I visited my brother, Dr. Kison, and he introduced me to the new testing and treatment techniques he was using. Using Somatic Resonant Testing, he was able to reveal underlying issues that I was unaware of because my body was able to keep them at bay until those months of stress weakened my immune system. Parasites, Lyme Disease, Babesia, and more were responsible for the state I was in. If it wasn’t for the treatments and therapies that we use in the clinic, my life likely would have continued down a dark path.

I’m so excited to be a part of the team here at Docere Life Center because I have experienced firsthand how life-changing these services can be. The treatments I have received have not only helped me regain my life but also helped to restore my purpose. What I love most about working here is that the testing and treatments we use here in the clinic allow us to treat the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). After many years of frustration and confusion, I finally have the ability and resources available to help my patients achieve TRUE wellness!

Therefore, one of the biggest things that I am passionate about, is helping people! Now, more specifically as a Doctor, I like finding the major dysfunctions in the body and then finding the solution to those dysfunctions and helping the body return to its God-given abilities! I do this by focusing on the specific aspects of all the systems in the body, combined with DNA genomic analysis as well as blood work, urine, stool cultures, and saliva analysis. Then, that information combined with genomic issues, hormone issues, stress issues, diet issues, nutritional needs, structural issues, exercise issues, as well as energetic issues, I can get the best results possible.

Having dealt with so many different types of health issues and or problems, I can relate as a patient or client as well as the doctor driven to help people achieve their desired level of health! All of this is what motivates me and drives me to stay actively involved in helping people regain their best health!

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