Laboratory Testing Utilized to Find Imbalances, Infections, and More

  • Blood: Allows testing for a wide range of imbalances in your blood from characteristics of the blood cell to cholesterol levels, enzymes, certain vitamins and minerals.
  • Genetics/Epigenetic: Allows us to see what tendencies you have to express your genome incorrectly when the body is put under stress (whether structural, chemical, emotional or mental).
  • Hormones: From thyroid and adrenals to ovaries and testicles, we can see how the organs are functioning by the levels they are producing and how they are balanced with one another whether harmonious or in disharmony.
  • Neurotransmitters: Many neurotransmitters can have a devastating effect on our lives when out of balance, such as serotonin which makes us much happier and dopamine which gives us more drive.
  • Parasites: These are tricky infections that like to live in hiding and aren’t easy to find or treat. Sometimes special testing is required to identify the type of parasite and the best remedy to remove it from the system.
  • Stool: Giving a view into digestive habits and how the gut is processing food from mastication to digestion to absorption and assimilation of the nutrition you are putting into your body.
  • Organic Acids: Testing and monitoring the changes in genetic expression to see the results of certain protocols.
  • Urine: Testing to see changes on a daily basis what is being filter out of the blood and disposed of by the body as well as the functionality of the kidneys and proper hydration.
  • and many others as needed

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