Docere Life Center’s Comprehensive Approach to Chronic Disease and Illness

We all want to live a joyful life full of energy and happiness, but the interfering factors and stressors that keep us from enjoying life and living to the maximum, hold us back from our true potential. The interfering factors can start from the deepest levels of epigenetics and play out in many symptoms and diseases. Docere Life Center’s approach to this is to remove all the factors that are issues and diminish your life. We strive to support your body’s constitution to withstand the onslaught of so many different stressors in the world we live in.

Dr. Kison Frank has spent the last 10 years working and studying in the fields of Chiropractic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, Glandular Therapy, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Detoxification Pathways. Dr. Farney has spent over 29 years in private practice treating a wide variety of conditions and patients from the very young to the aged. He wants to be a part of seeing healthcare improve through cutting-edge technologies in America and around the world.

Laboratory testing has been a key part of discovering underlying issues and monitoring the changes in the body with the protocols that are specific to your personal health struggles along with the use of biofeedback and scanning to find the best pieces of the puzzle that is the best protocol to give you the best results.

Finding the best nutrition and remedies to rebalance the body to perform at its optimal potential is another piece to the puzzle, and we incorporate many therapies and treatments to reset the body, mind, and soul.

Docere Life Center works with chronic disease and health issues for patients with Lyme Disease to MS and ALS.

“I have always strived to continue to grow and learn, seeking out the answers that my patients need to reclaim their health and vitality, allowing them to reach their true potential.”

—Dr. Kison Frank

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Docere Life Center focuses on treating chronic illness and pain through chiropractic kinesiology and laboratory testing to help boost your health and wellness. Are you ready for a proactive approach to your health?