Physical Medicine Techniques & Therapies Offered by Docere Life Center

  • Audio Somatic Therapy
    Balances the body to a multitude of different sound waves from alpha to gamma and other frequencies known to have a healing benefit on the body
  • Chinese Cupping Therapy
    Stimulates the release of toxins and draw blood into tissues for healing and moving stagnant fluids out
  • Chiropractic Techniques
    Helps to align the body’s balance and communication to boost the healing capacities of the body. Dr. Frank utilizes many of the gentlest techniques to give comfort and benefit.
  • Chroma Somatic Therapy
    Balances the body to the different frequencies from the wide spectrum of colors
  • Cranial-Fixation Therapy
    Opens and realigns cranial bones that may have become fixated or locked up by tight facia or muscles
  • Fascial/Visceral Manipulation
    Loosens and moves the fascia, by hand or with a tool called a percussor, to allowing greater functionality of organs and their location with movement and exercise
  • Graston Soft Tissue Technique
    Realigns the fascial system of the body used with scar tissue and Fascial injuries or chronic tightness
  • Low-Level Cold Laser Therapy
    Puts certain healing frequencies into the body to help with a wide range of issues from infections to increased healing and detoxification
  • Meridian Therapy
    Utilizes Chinese acupuncture meridians to find imbalances in energy flow through the body
  • Sacrum Occipital Technique
    Rebalances the body from the view that the occiput or base of the skull has a direct relationship to the location and movement pattern of the sacrum or tailbone
  • Trigger Point Therapy
    Pinpointing locations for myofascial treatment with minor need; may be used instead of Graston or cupping if the issue is minor

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