Dr. Craig Farney, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

About Dr. Craig Farney of Docere Life Center in Wichita, Kansas

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Dr. Farney has been on a perpetual journey to understand the meaning and purpose of life and how to use that knowledge to benefit others, Dr. Farney has pursued multiple avenues of education in that pursuit including computer studies, accounting, ministry, and health care. Earning a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College-Kansas City in 1991.

Since that time, he has continued his education in many disciplines of health and wellness care including completing a 300-hour course study in functional medicine. He has also pursued his interest in kinesiology, DNA, and epigenetic methylation studies, as well as psychology and human behavioral studies. Dr. Farney holds advanced certification in BioResonance scanning and has trained in biological medicine under Dr. David Jernigan.

Dr. Farney has spent over 29 years in private practice treating a wide variety of conditions and patients from the very young to the aged. He wants to be a part of seeing healthcare improve through cutting-edge technologies in America and around the world.

Dr. Farney enjoys spending time with his family, pursuing wellness for himself, and being active both mentally and physically so that he can experience the highest level of well-being throughout his life.

"I believe everyone is a special and unique manifestation and expression of the divine, that we are all connected and seek to help us all manifest the very best." —Dr. Farney